No meeting needed. We can establish everything through various means of communication, from email or telephone. In order to finalize the contract, we send it to an electronic signature.
We specialize in making wedding movies in a cinematic style. We do not carry out photography, but we have a large database of recommendable photographers with whom we cooperate.
Depending on the selected package, the main movie lasts 15-35 minutes, the trailer 1-3 minutes.
The materials are uploaded to the online server (vimeo) under the password and to the pendrive, which we send in an exclusive case.
Yes, it is 1.5 PLN / km, but it is often set individually depending on the date.
As a standard, for the implementation of more than 150 km from Kielce, you should always include two nights (the day before and on the day of implementation) for operators, but this issue is often determined individually depending on the date and place of the reception.
The working time is 10 hours (maximum until 00:30), but of course it is possible to flexibly adjust the hours or extend the work.
We divide payments in the form of a transfer into two tranches. A down payment in the amount of 50% of the fee (booking the date), which must be paid within 14 days of signing the contract. The rest of the receivables until the day of the wedding.
We tweak the project to perfection and we undertake to deliver the Work within 180 working days from the date of the Report or the last film material (i.e. outdoor session).

It is important for us that the project is implemented from the beginning to the end by our trained people, therefore we do not commission any projects outside our “team”. This is important for maintaining quality. We travel non-stop in the season, so we start editing our films only after it ends, i.e. from September. Thanks to this, we have full control over the quality of your films.