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Maja & Tomasz

Maja Bohosiewicz and Tomasz Kwaśniewski got married in the style of the Great Gatsby. Thematic decorations and stylish costumes created a unique atmosphere. Is it difficult to prepare a themed wedding? Idea + good organization is the key to success!…

Katarzyna & Przemysław

A movie fairy tale? Yes! How to create it? Many of you are wondering what to do to move your guests into a world that will allow them to experience something amazing. Many choose traditional, majestic church weddings. There are…

Ola & Grzegorz

Beautiful and young – Ola and Grzegorz, a wonderful couple who chose the charming and above-average Mint Hills for their wedding venue. The wedding was grand, and the bride delighted all the guests with her beauty. We invite you to…

Natalia Siwiec

Natalia Siwiec has organized her daughter Mia a truly grand 3rd birthday! The girl is a great lover of alpacas, who could be found strolling around the beautiful La Millou palace. This kinder event was full of attractions and everything…

Glaiza & Paweł

International weddings were rare until a few years ago. Today we have the opportunity to participate in them more and more often. Cultural wedding connections have extraordinary magic in them. Such parties are always different, interesting and surprising. There is…

Karolina & Piotr

Every girl dreams of a fairy-tale wedding all her life – beautiful floral decorations and an extraordinary dress. How about making these dreams come true? Karolina and Piotr had just such a wedding! Fairytale! We were there, we immortalized it,…

Anna & Donald

Agnieszka and Donald decided to get an intimate wedding for up to 50 people. It turned out great! Intimate weddings have a certain magic in them … Turn on PLAY and see for yourself.

Katarzyna & Robert

There are several places on the map of Poland that can make your dreams of a wedding by the sea come true. One of them is the Ciekocinko Palace. The celebration of Kasia and Robert was exceptional. The groom rode…